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Ship Supply Services at NIC

Dedicated to meet the demands of every vessel.
About our Ship Supplies Service

Ship Supplies

 At NIC, our longstanding experience has enabled us to create a robust network of both local and international suppliers, guaranteeing the delivery of top-quality products at competitive prices.

As your comprehensive service hub, NIC is strategically prepared to facilitate seamless logistics, ensuring swift, secure, and professional management of your ship supply needs across all Maltese Ports—and beyond, upon request.

Whether your order is large or small, NIC is ready to meet your needs. We maintain a wide range of stock in-house, catering to a variety of quantities and sizes to match urgent timelines. Typically, we’re able to fulfill orders within 24 hours, and often, provisions and bonded orders can be processed even more quickly. We understand the value of your time, mirroring its importance with our commitment to efficiency.

Guided by a clear strategy while embracing the flexibility afforded by our family-run business ethos, NIC prioritizes customer needs above all. We go the extra mile to meet your requirements, offering round-the-clock, complimentary delivery services in all Maltese ports.

Should Your Needs Extend Beyond Our Listed Services, We’re Here to Assist You Further.

At NIC, we understand that unique needs arise. If you don’t find what you’re searching for within our Ship Supply offerings, please reach out to us. We are committed to sourcing even the most uncommon items you might require. For anything not explicitly mentioned under Ship Supply, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

NIC Company Ltd Services

Ship Supply and Goods

  • General Ship-Supplies & Ship Stores
  • Provisions & Bonded Stores
  • Cabin Stores & Personal Items
  • Deck & Engine Stores
  • Food Catering Stores & Cleaning / Janitorial Supplies
  • Office Supplies & Nautical Publications & Charts
  • Information Technology supplies
  • Duty Free Tobacco, Spirits, Beers, & Confectionary
  • Medical Supplies
  • Marine Spare Parts
  • Safety Equipment
  • Wood Supplies
  • Pipe and Metal Sheeting Supplies
NIC Company Ltd Services

Other Goods supplied

  • Tableware & Galley
  • Rope and Hawsers
  • Rigging Equipment & General Deck Items
  • Marine Paint & Painting Equipment
  • Hose & Couplings
  • Nautical Equipment
  • Petroleum Products
  • Electrical Tools & Hand Tools
  • Cutting & Measuring Tools
  • Metal Sheets, Bars, Screw & Nuts, Pipes & Tubes & Fittings
  • Valves & Cocks, Bearings and Electrical Equipment
  • Packing & Jointing, Welding Equipment & Machinery
If what you're looking for is not listed above,

Talk to us and we will do our utmost to supply it.

NIC are prepared to source unusual items that may be required from time to time. So if it’s not listed  under Ship Supply please Contact Us.

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