About NIC Company Limited, Malta.

Commitment to Excellence & Effective Solutions

Discover why a dedication to superior service quality is our guiding principle.
NIC Company Formation

Established in 2002

Founded in 2002, NIC Company Limited (NIC) has been devoted in its mission to deliver swift, varied, and cost-efficient products and services to vessels navigating through the Mediterranean. Our dedication to this goal has remained unwavering, continuing to define our operations and offerings to this day.


Island of Malta

Situated at the strategic crossroads of the Mediterranean, on the vibrant island of Malta, NIC provides an extensive array of services tailored to the maritime and yachting industry. Our offerings encompass a comprehensive chandlery service, covering everything from sail repair, mast-work, and rigging to provisioning, office supplies, and general marine and ship supplies. In addition, we specialize in engineering works, along with ship and marine services, ensuring all your ship repair and servicing needs are met with precision. At NIC, we are committed to delivering prompt and dependable service around the clock. Our aim is to be your all-encompassing solution, meeting every requirement with efficiency and excellence. With NIC, you gain access to a one-stop shop that seamlessly addresses all your maritime needs.
Top Chandlery Services in Malta

Your Go-To Maritime Suppliers

As a frontrunner among Malta’s chandlery service providers, NIC prides itself on catering to vessels of every dimension with an unmatched dedication to quality, professionalism, and tailored service. Our distinction lies in our extensive selection of high-quality products and offerings, including leading brands in goods and parts. For items not immediately available, we excel in promptly sourcing and delivering them, often within mere hours or a few days, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for our clients.

Global Partnerships in Marine Solutions

Marine Equipment & Components

NIC proudly collaborates with an array of international manufacturers, bringing you a comprehensive selection of marine engines, generators, and various other marine equipment and components. Our expertise also extends to all facets of rigging and mast repair work. The loyalty of our repeat customers and our esteemed reputation stand as testaments to NIC’s success and commitment to excellence in the maritime industry.

Prioritizing Customer Fulfilment

Top Service for the Maritime Industry

At NIC, our core is defined by a service-driven approach, where fostering open communication with both our clients and suppliers is paramount. Our goal is to tailor solutions that precisely meet the unique demands of our customers. From procuring hard-to-find engine parts to delivering the freshest provisions, addressing onboard safety servicing needs, or navigating environmental compliance, NIC possesses a deep understanding of the maritime industry’s comprehensive requirements.

A team that truly shares the same values

Proud to be Family-Run

At NIC, we pride ourselves on being a family-run business that excels in providing exceptional service, blending professional rigor with the warmth of family involvement. Our award-winning approach combines the best of both worlds: the efficiency and expertise expected of a leading service provider, alongside the personalized care and attention only a family-operated enterprise can offer. This unique formula ensures each of our customers enjoys a service tailored specifically to their needs, marked by personal dedication and professional excellence.
Every Need Matters

Premier Ship Supply Solutions

At NIC Company Limited, we grasp the essence of our customers’ diverse needs, recognizing that regardless of scale, each request deserves equal measures of attention and professionalism. This principle is at the heart of our commitment to providing top-tier ship supply services. Specializing in ship supply within Malta, our expertise is unmatched, driven by a profound understanding of the industry. Our dedicated and skilled service team is united in embodying the core vision of NIC Company Limited, ensuring adherence to our guiding principle.

Ship Supplies

NIC offers a combination network of local and foreign suppliers to ensure that we supply the best quality products at the right price.

Boat Repairs

Our qualified skilled technical engineers, and completely equipped workshop are prepared to meet your need in every kind of repair.

Other Services

At NIC (Malta), we provide rapid, numerous and cost-effective services to ship owners and vessels passing through the Mediterranean.

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